Susan Stein (susancsteinphotography)

As a photographer, I've lived through the evolution from film to digital photography. As I adapt and experiment, I avoid any compromise in quality, spending time to find new perspectives and points of view, new approaches to composition and framing.

My goal is to transmit the truth of nature and my subjects, freezing in time its everchanging beauty, catching the perfect light, patiently waiting for the best (or worst) weather. Nothing is added or hidden in post-production, the landscapes are shot just the way they are at that very moment. All the efforts, the endless hours spent waiting for a single shot, are giving their fruits: my works are appreciated by many qualified people across the country. Please enjoy this view of the world through my lens.

Susan Cramer Stein is an internationally-known, award winning photographer and native of Ohio. She specializes in fine art prints, primarily landscapes, wildlife and human interest. Her work can be seen and purchased at Local Colors of Utah in Sugarhouse, Utah where she is a Member/Owner and also the SeaWorthy Gallery located on Hatteras Island in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. Her work can also be found at Absolutely Outer Banks in Nags Head and Duck, also located in the Outer Banks of NC. Private showings of her work are available upon request. Her photographs can be found in private collections across the country. Portraiture available by appointment only.

Workshops and mentoring sessions are available and will be tailored to the client's specific needs.

She now resides in Utah, with her husband, Scott, and their Whippet, Jesse, and three parrots.